the path i’ve taken had taken me places
it taught me many things
i laughed and cried
i loved and i hurt
i made mistakes as much as success
life was a series of ups and downs

and sometimes…
i look back at old pictures
and memories swirl and overwhelm
though i don’t have any regrets
i wish i could have frozen time
to when simple joys
were more than enough

ad infinitum

don’t you have those days
of pure monotony
where your brain shuts down
your arms and legs refuse
to function anymore?
you do the same thing
over and over and over again
there’s no finish line in sight
there are no brakes
no stop button, no red light
it simply goes on and on and on

Writer’s Block

i searched
every nook and cranny
i looked
both high and low

and yet i can’t find the words

i watched the sun
as it rose and set
the moon witnessed
my prayer and devotion

still the words won’t come

A Game of Spin the Bottle

A group of five friends have been playing spin the bottle after school for several weeks but for some reason, today felt different.

They were at the hut behind the school grounds. Though they’ve been playing everyday, they don’t seem to run out of questions or dares to ask.

Corrinne spun the bottle on their 8th round. Time seemed to slow down and the bottle spun as if it would never stop. Slowly it came to a halt in front of Ryan.

“Truth or Dare?” asked Martin.

“Dare!” he answered confidently. He almost always does. But today felt different for Caitlin. What that is, she has no idea.

Everyone is in deep thought of what they should ask Ryan to do when Jean’s face lit up. This isn’t going to be good, Caitlin thought.

“Okay. Kiss Caitlin’s hand,” Jean declared.

Though something was in the air, never in her wildest imagination did she expect that.  Knowing Jean as she did, she was quite sure she meant to say Corrinne’s name. After all, everyone knew that Ryan liked Corrinne.

Martin whistled and Corrinne and Jean cajoled.

She was frozen in place.

Ryan held out his hand towards hers. Nervously, she placed her hand on his. “This isn’t really fair!” she said, unconvincing. “This isn’t my dare.”

But her friends would not be obviated.

Time seemed to freeze as he held her hand and lifted it towards his lips. She wanted to protest further but her voice seemed to have died in her throat.

Everyone was cheering and cajoling. When his lips was just about to touch her hand, the school principal appeared out of nowhere. She backed her hand away just as quickly as Ryan let go.

“Why are you still here?” the principal demanded. “It’s exam week and all of you should’ve gone home to study.”

They were given a mouthful but Caitlin barely registered anything. All she could think about was Ryan’s hands on hers and the feel of his breath on her skin. Though his lips didn’t touch her hands, her entire body felt tingly. They broke up their little game and went home that day. The following days were filled with exams and the game was forgotten.

Everyone has forgotten except Caitlin. She would never forget that moment when the world seemed to stop and how her heart almost lept out from her chest.

First Heartbreak

When the school bell rang to signal the end of classes, Reina was quick on her feet. She wanted to go home as soon as possible to catch a television show. If she didn’t hurry, she might get stuck in traffic. She hurried her bestfriend, Summer, along.

They were almost at the school gate when she remembered she had forgotten something.

“We forgot our lunch bags!” she told Summer.

“Do you remember where we left it?” Summer asked.

“After lunch, we headed straight to the computer room,” she said. “Did we leave it on the table at the corridor?”

“Let’s go and see.”

“Okay. My mom will nag me if I don’t bring it home.”

They headed back to the school building, to the corridor where they think thy left their lunch bags.

Summer was walking ahead of her when she abruptly stopped in her steps for a second or two, as if hesitating. Before she could ask or say anything, she saw her lunch bag on the table and went straight for it, going past Summer.

“It’s here!” she exclaimed.

When she turned around, Marianne and Cedric were at the corner of the corridor. Her heart skipped a beat seeing Cedric. She’s been hopelessly in love with him since freshmen year.

Then a sudden movement caught her eye. What was that, she thought. It happened in a fraction of a second. Did Cedric dropped Marianne’s hand? Were they holding hands? Or was it a trick of light?

Suddenly, it dawned on her. They are together. And it was kept a secret. From her.

All those whispers behind her back, she didn’t imagine them after all.

She looked at Summer but she wasn’t looking at her. She was looking at anything but her.

She forced a smile on her face. “You’re both still here? Aren’t you going home yet?” she asked nonchalantly.

“I’m waiting for my parents to pick me up,” Marianne answered coolly. Cedric simply shrugged and did not bother with a response.

“Okay. Well, we’re going ahead.”

With head held high, a smile plastered on her face, she picked up her lunch bag and strode away, Summer right behind her.

Silence ensued between them as they made their way back to the gates. When they rode the tricycle, she decided to confirm what she just saw. “Did you know?” she asked.


She was silent for another minute. She wasn’t very specific in her question but the answer was very direct.

“For how long now?”

“A couple of months now,” Summer answered in a barely audible whisper.

And that was that. Her first heartbreak. Reina felt there was something going on around her. She saw the signs but thought nothing of it. That is, until it blew on her face, crushing her heart in the process.

A few years later, she will wonder which hurt more — the unrequited love or that her bestfriend kept her in the dark.

Coffee Klatch

My bestfriends and I love to meet up once in a while over coffee to just talk about life and sometimes, to gossip.

I first encountered this word while searching for a perfect word to describe our meetings. It happened by chance and I just fell in love with the word.

It originally came from the German word Kaffeeklatsch which was defined by Collins English Dictionary as an informal social gathering at which coffee is served.  It was an exact representation of our meetings. They’re informal and we love to drink coffee.

We usually swap stories of our daily lives and daily encounters. We share our dreams and hopes and future plans. Mostly, we just wanted to catch up on one another.

What we all share, however, is our love for writing. Weaving words together is like breathing for us.

Life, however, chanced upon me and soon I was working on an office job to earn money to become independent.

It took me many twists and turns to finally realize that I cannot give up on my dream in order to find true happiness.

I am a little bit rusty and hopefully this would be an avenue for me to weave words again and fulfill my dream of becoming a writer.